About Me

I was born and raised in South Korea and studied Ceramic Art at Ewha women's University. After moved to Canada, I attended Sheridan College in Ontario and received Applied Arts and Technology diploma in Classical Animation. I'm passionate about visual development and illustration, I especially love children's books and stories. 
I've been working with the 'Two Story Productions' as a freelancer illustrator, concept artist, and character designer since 2013 and have been participating in many wonderful projects including Jessie Farrell's music album,'Take Me Outside' and  the Kids CBC TV show, 'Scout & the Gumboot Kids'. 
 My first interactive iPad picture book, 'The Prisoner of Carrot Castle' was released through the Apple App store in 2012 and also it has published as a paper book through the'Purple Carrot Books' in 2013. I have been working for Samsung Publishing in Korea since 2015 and have worked on several picture books such as, 'Jack and the Beanstalk', 'The Half Boy', 'The Lazy Man', and 'The New Toy Book series "Cooking".
I live in Vancouver, Canada, with being inspired everyday from wonderful nature around me.


  1. Hello there! :)

    You've got some really beautiful illustrations here. There should be millions of followers already stalking you!

    Well, you've just got +1 :D

    I went through your 'The prisoner of Carrot castle' and 'other works' illustrations and I'm truly amazed. Could you write a bit about your technique and process of creating? That would be an interesting thing to know :)

    Please keep on showing as much of your creations as you can!

  2. Hi Aleksandra,

    Thanks for the praise on my works. ^---^
    Well... my technique and process of crating is depends on the projects. But for my personal work, I usually start it whenever I got inspired from people around me, things around me or some beautiful pictures from internet or magazines. Then try to visualize it for the interesting scene in my head and do many sketches until I get the right one. Recently, I usually use Photoshop to color the works. As I make rough color work first, I wait until the picture tells me what it needs to complete the scene and just follow that.
    I hope this can be a good answer for your question. ^^